• Food Rescue Program

      The first open food pantry established by local San Diegan Muslims for the Muslim community then eventually to the general San Diego community. This open pantry gives struggling families a much needed opportunity to sustain their families on a day to day basis. We welcome families on certain set days and hours to choose from a variety of different food items to bring home. We are constantly updating our pantries and expanding for the growing demand. Ramadan is a peak time for donations and in serving many families throughout San Diego County. Please contact our office if you would like to donate or volunteer for this program.
      $233.00 donated of $25,000.00 goal
    • Family Assistance Program

      Every year during the month of Ramadan, millions of Muslims around the world fast from sunrise to sunset for a period of one month. During this time Muslims are encouraged to donate to the less fortunate and provide financial assistance for struggling families in their communities who have a difficult time providing for their own families. We enforce the same tradition within Give San Diego by distributing charity funds collected from our San Diego community members to local families in need of assistance. The goal of the Family Assistance Program is to have a caseworker work closely with a struggling family to help determine if they qualify for the program and the amount of aid given. Typically the emergency aid is used for food, utility bills, gas, education, lodging, childcare, healthcare and etc. The caseworker will then also guide the family to resources that will help sustain their living to prevent the need for aid in the future. To ultimately achieve an independent and sustainable life.
      $2,003.00 donated of $25,000.00 goal
    • Family Resource Program

      The Family Resource Program is to direct low-income families and new families to governmental/community resources to help them gain access to care and assistance. We help provide the information in languages that they would understand and set specific times for help in person. We also provide “Resource Kits” to these services and providers that speak their language with all their contact information. Resource kits not only will provide healthcare resources but all the basic resources needed such as education, child care, and financial assistance. Its a great tool to spread awareness of what our community already has to offer.
      $202.00 donated of $10,000.00 goal